Difference Between Platform Heels and Wedges

Difference Between Platform Heels and Wedges

A great way to look taller is to wear heels. However, the question arises: which ones should you choose? You have two options: heels on the platform and platform. To understand this, you must learn the difference between platform heels and wedges.

The differences between platforms heels, and wedges can be explained by:

  • Differences in their origin.
  • The heel height
  • The thickness is different
  • Reasons for their popularity
  • Types available

What are the Differences Between Platform Heels and Wedges?

The first thing to learn about platform heels vs. wedges is their differences. These are the points that distinguish the two types of shoes.

  1. Platform heels are thick under the sole and heels. Wedges have a continuous and solid heel from the toe to the ankle.
  2. The height of platform heels is very high. Wedges have a lower and even heel.
  3. If you want stability, choose wedges over platform heels.
  4. Platform heels can be less comfortable. Wedges are more comfortable because of the even sole.
  5. Wedges are ideal for casual wear and are practical. Platform heels are the best for fancy outfits and special occasions.

What Are Platform Heels Like?

Here are some points that will help you understand what platform heels are.

The Origin of These Heels

Platform heels have been around for centuries. They first became popular in ancient Greece and Rome. Actors wore them in theaters to appear taller. In the 1970s, platform heels became a huge fashion trend in disco clubs and have remained popular ever since.

The Typical Height of the Heel

Platform heels typically range from a few inches to over six inches high, and they are known for their tall stature. The front part of the shoe is called the platform. These high heel platform shoes add an extra height without feeling like you’re standing on your tiptoes.

Types of Platform Heels

There are many types of platform heels. Some common ones include.

  • Stiletto Platforms have a skinny, high heel.
  • Chunky Platforms have a thick, sturdy heel.
  • Peep-Toe Platforms have an opening at the front for your toes.
  • Ankle Strap Platforms have a strap around the ankle for extra support.

Reasons for the Popularity

These platform shoes with thick soles are popular for several reasons.

  1.       They make you look taller, which can boost confidence.
  2.       The front platform helps balance the heel height, making it more comfortable than regular heels.
  3.       Platform heels come in many styles and colors, making them a fun and fashionable choice for different outfits and occasions.
  4.       Wear them to parties, clubs, and even more formal events.
  5.       These are the best types of heels for flat feet.

What Are Wedges Like?

Wedges are shoes with a sole that gradually rises from the front to the back, providing height and stability. They come in different styles and are versatile for various occasions. These are the points to consider when selecting wedge-heel sandals.

Where do they come from?

Wedges have an exciting history. A famous shoe designer named Salvatore Ferragamo invented them in the 1930s. He created wedges when materials to make shoes were hard to find. He used cork and wood, which led to the creation of the wedge shoe. Since then, wedges have become a popular style around the world.

Why Do People Prefer to Wear Wedges?

Here are some reasons to wear wedges.

  1. Wedges offer more support and comfort than high heels because they have a firm sole that runs from heel to toe.
  2. The solid sole makes the wedges more stable and accessible to step on. These wedge heels, for comfort, reduce the risk of ankle sprain.
  3. These wedges add height without the discomfort of balancing on a small heel.
  4. You can wear them with many different outfits, from casual jeans to fancy dresses.

What types of wedges are available?

There are many types of wedges to choose from.

  • Espadrille wedges have wood or cork soles and are perfect for summer.
  • Platform wedges have an extra thick sole, which adds even more height—wedge sandals are open-toe and ideal for warm climates.
  • Closed wedges are suitable for colder climates or more formal occasions.

Are wedges better than high heels?

Most people consider wedges better than high heels for comfort and stability. Their continuous sole provides more support and reduces the risk of twisting an ankle. However, high heels can offer more elegance and a formal look, making them a good choice for special occasions.

Are wedges or heels easier to walk in?

Wedges are more accessible to walk in than heels due to their solid, continuous sole. This provides better stability and support. The design evenly distributes weight across the foot, reducing strain and making them more comfortable.

What is the difference between heels and wedges?

The difference between heels and wedges lies in their design. Heels have a distinct, often narrow heel under the back of the shoe, while wedges feature a solid, continuous sole that runs from the heel to the toe, offering more stability and comfort.


In conclusion, the main difference between platform heels and wedges lies in their sole structure and stability. Platform heels feature separate high heels and platforms, offering a glamorous look, while wedges have a continuous sole, providing greater comfort and versatility for everyday wear. Feel free to contact us at Ultra Fashion to get the best heels for all occasions!


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